WILD Wine Survivor

Welcome to WILDNorth’s 2020 WILD Wine Survivor! 

Are you ready to win A LOT of wine?! 

There’s no need to go to a liquor store! Due to COVID safety precautions, we will go to the liquor store for you when you purchase entry. You DO NOT need to drop off a bottle of wine).We will begin drawing names on December 1st! In the game of survivor, you don’t want your name to be drawn. If your name is drawn, you are out of the game and you are no longer eligible to win the grand prize! Unless, of course, you purchased immunity! In which case your name can be drawn as many times as the number of immunities you purchased. Immunities must be purchased at the time of entry. There is no limit to the amount of times you can enter, but all entries must be purchased before the game starts on December 1st!
Prices are as follows:
Entry + Bottle of Wine: $35.00
Entry + Bottle of Wine + 1 Immunity: $55.00
Entry + Bottle of Wine + 2 Immunities: $75.00
Entry + Bottle of Wine + 3 Immunities: $95.00

Be sure to tune in to our social media accounts (@wildnorthab) where we will be announcing the names drawn that day (aka: those who were eliminated!). We will also be listing all names drawn on our website.
Draws will begin on December 1, and the final draw will be taking place on December 20th!
The final draw will be taking place on December 20th!
The prize distribution is as follows:

First place wins 50% of the collected bottles of wine
Second place wins 30% of the collected bottles of wine
Third place wins 20% of the collected bottles of wine

So don’t forget to encourage your friends to join! The more people who participate, the more wine there will be to win!
Questions? Contact info@wildnorth.ca

*must be 18 years or older to enter
*tickets must be purchased in Alberta




AGLC Raffle Licence 567378