EPCOR Wildlife Interactions & My Community


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EPCOR Wildlife Interactions & My Community is a 45 minute virtual presentation for Grade 7 classes exploring wildlife issues in our community with a 30 minute tour of a stormwater facility. This presentation will foster an appreciation for urban biodiversity and responsible wildlife viewing, educate students about safety around storm water facilities, and will empower students to be responsible in their communities. For many people in urban centres, storm water facilities are the first and potentially only place that people have available to them where they can go out and enjoy nature and wildlife. Though it is important to promote these as places where people can appreciate wildlife from afar, it is crucial that this is paired with information about safety in these areas. This is the goal of this joint initiative between WILDNorth and EPCOR. Classes will also have access to a 30 minute virtual tour of one of Edmonton’s most biodiverse storm water facilities, as well a PDF Field Guide that the students can use to help identify birds at their local stormwater facility.

Deliverables/Student Takeaways

  • Students will be able to describe examples of relationships between humans and their environment, and understand the impacts of human activity on wildlife and their environment
  • Students will be able to identify intended and unintended consequences of human activities within their local environment
  • Students will have the tools and knowledge necessary to act responsibly at storm water ponds and share this knowledge with friends and family
  • Students will come away knowing that storm water ponds are places that can be enjoyed through observation but not recreation
  • Students will be prepared, capable and active in taking proper steps when dealing with human-wildlife interactions

Presentations are available in person (Edmonton), virtually – synchronous, virtually – asynchronous.

If you would like to receive this free program, please click here to book a presentation.

For inquiries, please e-mail education@wildnorth.ca