Wonders of Wildlife Rehabilitation

Wonders of Wildlife Rehabilitation

Would you like to know more about wildlife rescue & rehabilitation and what you can do to help wild animals?

WILDNorth’s Wonders of Wildlife Rehabilitation presentation discusses wildlife rehabilitation, from rescue to release, and how the participants can help wildlife in their community. Standard presentations have been designed for various age groups. The timeframes include time for questions. Available virtually or in person.

Virtual: These presentations are done via video conferencing platforms such as Google Meets.

In person: Presentations are PowerPoint based — we do have a projector/small screen/laptop we can bring if you do not have them available at your location. (We do not have space for on-site presentations at our facility). Our small team does have limited availability, and currently only has the capacity to book during the day-time on weekdays, though we will be happy to review all booking requests.
Virtual 30 minute presentation: $80
Virtual 60 minute presentation: $100
In Person 60 minute: $160*
In Person 90 minute: $200*
In Person with live animal Education Ambassador 60 minute: $200* – currently unavailable – fully booked
Please email [email protected] to book, or for inquiries regarding Education Ambassador, auditorium, or custom presentations.

*Mileage policy

Outreach Presentations within 20.0 km of Wildlife Hospital (WH): No addition of mileage

Outreach Presentations from 20.1 – 40.0 km of WH: + $20.00

Outreach Presentations from 40.1 – 60.0 km of WH: + $40.00

Outreach Presentations 60.1 km or more away from WH: Mileage will be calculated on a case by case basis depending on distance