Healthy Backyards Education Program

Healthy Backyards Program


In partnership with the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, WILDNorth has launched an exciting new program designed for communities! Introducing…. the Healthy Backyards program!

Healthy Backyards is a one-hour-long, free, environmental education program designed specifically for community leagues and their members. The program is customized to each neighborhood and its greenspaces.

Using props, visuals and the neighborhood’s own flora and fauna, the program will teach community members about:

· What species are present in their area (both plants and animals)

· The role each species plays in the ecosystem and how they depend on one another

· How to peacefully coexist with wildlife and how to have healthy interactions

· What to do if you encounter an injured, ill or orphaned animal

· What we can do everyday in our own backyards to help wildlife, promote biodiversity, and support a healthy ecosystem

It is more important than ever for us to understand the impact our actions have on the environment, and it starts within our communities. The Healthy Backyards program will help educate Albertans about the positive impact they can have on our wild neighbors and the ecosystem with small changes and knowledge-sharing. From keeping communities free of litter to planting native vegetation and reducing pesticide use, there are countless ways our communities can help ensure the health of local wildlife and the environment. These concepts can be daunting, but if we start small—in our own backyards—we can make a huge impact together.
If your community is interested in hosting a Healthy Backyards presentation, please contact [email protected] today!
*WILDNorth has the capacity to offer a maximum of 10 free programs from now until September 30, 2024. Program bookings will be first-come-first-served.*