WILD Rescue


If you have found a wild animal that you are concerned about and you believe you need help rescuing it, please call our Wildlife Hotline at 780-914-4118.

WILDNorth officially launched its exciting new WILDRescue initiative in the summer of 2017! This tactical wildlife rescue and ambulatory service helps save the lives of hundreds of injured and abandoned wild animals in Edmonton and northern Alberta. Few wildlife rehabilitation centres across the country employ a dedicated team of professionals to facilitate field rescues and most lack the expertise, manpower and equipment to deal with difficult rescue scenarios. This task is usually left to untrained staff, volunteers or the public and, consequently, people and animals are often put at risk or the imperiled creature is not caught and never receives required care. WILDRescue will employ professionals with years of wildlife rescue experience and will train others in the safe recovery and transportation of wild animals in need. WILDRescue will utilize the most advanced technology available and humane tactics to ensure our wild neighbors are properly cared for.



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