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Wildlife Rehabilitation 

2018 Summer Internship Program

**Now accepting applications**

Our internship structure is as follows:

Time Period: April – September

Hours:  20 or 30 or 40  hours per week                  

Commitment: Minimum 3 months, and can extend to 6 months


Please read below and decide on the time period and role best suited for you.

The following are the Internship periods available:

Wildlife Rehabilitation Intern Internship, Wildlife Data Entry Intern Internship, Wildlife Patient Fostering/Release Assistant

April – June

May – July

June – August

May/June – September          * special intensive internship focused on raptors and migratory birds, working closely with the Animal Care Managers*


Application Procedure

Follow these instructions precisely otherwise your application will not be accepted.

1. READ the postings, choose the internship role(s) you want and the time period.

2. Please FILL in this application form.


4. Gather all your curriculum vitae (resume)

5. Respond to the confirmation email with your resume/CV and references.

6. All correspondence MUST be via email.

7. NOTE: You will only be contacted IF you were selected for an interview no later than March 29. Please understand that we are terribly busy. Be patient.

8. DO NOT CALL OUR HOTLINE. This is for wildlife calls ONLY. The internship program coordinator works at another office.


Internship Roles :  below are the roles we offer.


Application deadlines may vary.

*Note, if you are viewing this page on your phone,  scroll to the right for more details about the positions.


Wildlife Rehabilitation Intern Internship May 21, 2018 DETAILS
Wildlife Data Entry Intern Internship May 21, 2018 DETAILS
Wildlife Patient Fostering/Release Assistant Internship May 21, 2018 DETAILS