Baby Hare(s)

If you see a baby hare by itself, no need to worry – this is normal for this species. Please do not intervene unless you see obvious signs of injury such as open wounds, leg fractures, parasites or neurological signs like loss of balance or falling over.

White-Tailed Prairie Hares (aka Jackrabbits) are born fully furred, eyes open and able to hop around within hours of birth. The female hare will leave the young for long periods of time during the day so she does not attract predators to her young. She returns to feed them and forage with them in the evening and into the night. Their cryptic colouring and “freezing” behaviour helps them stay hidden from predators such as hawks.

If the baby hares appears to be in an unsafe location such as a construction site, you may move it by gently picking it up (wear gloves – though mom will not abandon her babies if they smell like people, this prevents you from leaving your scent on the baby and attracting predators to it) and move it a short distance to the nearest safe grassy spot (e.g., covered, under a shrub, tall grass. etc.). Keep in mind, though, it is normal for these species to be found in areas we wouldn’t consider to be safe. This species has thrived in urban environments!

Please help us keep wildlife wild and allow these little animals to remain in their normal situations where their mother can give them the best care.

*Remember: if you see a baby hare, leave it right there.