Board & Staff

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  • Elizabeth Disman


    Elizabeth is the mother of two teenagers and an animal lover. Here she is with her rescued Shepherd cross – Jesse.  Her dog is usually not allowed on the couch – can you see how uncomfortable he looks.  He cooperated for the photo shoot.  Elizabeth has served on the board…

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  • Kate McKenzie


    At a very young age, Kate’s mother taught her to have care and compassion towards all living creatures, profoundly impacting how she interacts with the world. In keeping with this philosophy and wanting to help animals, she began serving the WILDNoth Board of Directors in 2013, and has been a…

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  • Al Stewart


    Al Stewart joined the board in 2016 to participate in the animal welfare, educational, and fundraising activities of the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton. Al is a Chartered Professional Accountant, working in public practice, with a focus on taxation and tax planning for Canadian and international businesses and organizations. Al also enjoys outdoor…

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  • Sarah Batchelor


    Sarah Batchelor joined the board in 2015, motivated to support WILD North’s critical mission in our community. With a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta and a diploma in public relations from the University of Victoria, Sarah works in the real estate sector as a communications and marketing…

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  • Kay McCormack


    Kay McCormack rejoined the WILDNorth Board in 2016. She has been active on the WILDNorth periphery for 30 years as a volunteer, staff member and board member. Kay worked in the veterinary field as an Registered Animal Health Technologist and through that became a friend and fan of WILDNorth (formerly…

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  • Dale Gienow

    Executive Director

    Dale joined the WILDNorth team in 2017. He has worked with many conservation organizations across Canada and has been involved in wildlife advocacy and management for over 30 yrs. While in Ontario, Dale established the Muskoka Wildlife Centre. This wildlife rescue and education park housed the province’s largest collection of…

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  • Kim Blomme

    Director, Wildlife Services

    Kim is passionate about urban wildlife and can find beauty in the everyday species that call Edmonton home!  She is a Registered Veterinary Technologist with over 30 years’ experience in small animal medicine and is the founder of the WILDNorth (formerly the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton). She has been…

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  • Elizabeth Malta

    Animal Care Manager

    Caring for animals has been a life-long passion for Elizabeth. She was a former environmental analyst for the federal government, but gave that up to devote her life helping distressed animals. Before joining the WILDNorth, she worked for several years at a range of wildlife rehabilitation centres overseas, giving her valuable…

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  • Elsa Rasmussen

    Helpline & Volunteer Manager

    Elsa Rasmussen is a new addition to the WILDNorth team. Elsa grew up in Alberta and has always had an affinity for animals. There was no turning back after reading a few Farley Mowat books. Elsa received a Biological Sciences Technology diploma with honours from NAIT in 2016 and has…

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  • Carly Stenhouse

    WILDEd Manager and Wildlife Technician

    Carly began her journey with WILDNorth in the spring of 2013 as an Animal Care Intern, then was hired on as Education Coordinator at the end of that summer. She holds a bilingual bachelor’s degree in Environmental and Conservation Sciences with a major in Conservation Biology from the University of…

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  • Jade Murphy

    Business Expansion Manager

    Jade started working with WILDNorth in May 2016 as the Wildlife Hotline and Intake Co-ordinator. She spent the summer answering calls from members of the public, arranging rescues, in-taking new wildlife patients, and raising baby birds that required constant attention. At the end of the summer, Jade was offered a…

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  • Kohsuke Mohri

    Assistant Animal Care Manager

    Kohsuke started with WILDNorth as a Transport Driver where his dedication and passion for wildlife showed as he quickly racked up hundreds of volunteer hours. Soon afterwards he trained to join the WILDRescue team. He continued his volunteer work into the busy 2018 summer season as the Seasonal Supervisor, and…

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  • Sara Mosselman

    Wildlife Technician, RVT

    Sara started at WILDNorth in the summer of 2017 as an animal care intern and has continued to dedicate her weekends to assisting wildlife in need. She has been included in many roles within the organization from animal care, rescues, hotline calls, cleaning and organizing, and helping educate the public….

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  • Dr. Kelti Kachur


    Dr. Kelti Kachur is a small animal veterinarian who has lived in Edmonton for most of her life.  Her interest in wildlife started young along with her love of animals; however, she started her wildlife care in a professional manner at university, joining the Wildlife and Exotic Animal Medicine student…

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