Deer fawn(s)

Fawns that are found alone should not be captured unless obviously injured as it is normal for the mother to leave her young for extended periods of time while she browses for food. Newborn fawns have no scent, so that along with camouflage protects them from predators in the first critical days of life. They spend much of their first two weeks lying quietly, waiting for the doe to return to nurse.

The doe does leave her fawn alone for the majority of the day as this behavior ensures she does not drawn attention to the fawn. The doe is generally within hearing distance of the fawn.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • If you find a fawn laying in your yard, make sure to keep your family and your pets a safe distance from the fawn. The doe is close by and will likely move the fawn in a few hours.
  • The doe will be reluctant to approach her fawn in the presence of humans.
  • The doe will not reject her fawn if it smells like humans. She will move it to safety instead.
  • If you see a fawn by itself, wandering around and “bleating”, please call WILDNorth (780-914-4118) or your regional Fish and Wildlife office (For toll-free access within Alberta to most Alberta Government offices, call 310-0000).