Elizabeth Malta

Animal Care Manager

Caring for animals has been a life-long passion for Elizabeth. She was a former environmental analyst for the federal government, but gave that up to devote her life helping distressed animals. Before joining the WILDNorth, she worked for several years at a range of wildlife rehabilitation centres overseas, giving her valuable insight into managing the care of wild animals. She has been tirelessly working on expanding our animal housing and improving habitat enrichment for WILDNorth’s patients. This will lead to better quality of care and a higher rate of release. She is also focusing on streamlining the operations at the Rehabilitation Centre. This includes developing a better Internship program, which will help us cope with our tremendously busy summer season. One of Elizabeth’s favorite parts of her job is problem-solving a difficult case and devising methods to encourage a stressed patient to eat on their own. She works full time at the Spruce Grove facility.