Carly Stenhouse

WILDEd Manager and Wildlife Technician

Carly began her journey with WILDNorth in the spring of 2013 as an Animal Care Intern, then was hired on as Education Coordinator at the end of that summer. She holds a bilingual bachelor’s degree in Environmental and Conservation Sciences with a major in Conservation Biology from the University of Alberta. She develops and delivers wildlife education programs and WILDKids Programming, manages WILDNorth’s social media, fields calls and educates through the Wildlife Hotline, and is also a WILDCare Wildlife technician. Carly enjoys spreading appreciation and respect for wildlife, and using education to minimize negative human-wildlife interactions. Her love of wildlife finds its way into all aspects of her life, from her social interactions (texts from friends asking “What animal is this?”), to her hobbies (making a 10 minute walk last 1 hour due to frequent bird-spotting stops), and into her travels (volunteering on a Game Reserve in South Africa).