Opportunity: Wildlife Rehabilitation Intern

Category: Internship

Deadline: March 31, 2023

Closing Date: March 31, 2023; applications will be processed on a rolling basis

Position:  Wildlife Rehabilitation Intern

Number of Positions Available: To be determined          

Time Period: May – August (Let us know if you have longer availability April – September)

Hours: 20 – 40 hrs/ week

Minimum commitment: 4 months

Location: Rehabilitation Centre or Wildlife Hospital (Wildlife Hospital location is no longer accepting applications)

WILDNorth operates out of two facilities. Our Rehabilitation Centre is in Parkland County (North of Spruce Grove) and is not accessible by public transit. Our Wildlife Hospital is in Edmonton, and is accessible by public transit. You will need to specify which location you’d prefer to intern from in your application form. If you have no preference, please indicate that to us. For maps, click here.


WILDNorth is seeking enthusiastic people who love wildlife, the outdoors, have a strong desire to learn and work well in a team environment, to assist us in maintaining the best care possible for our patients.  

WILDNorth is a non-partisan, charitable organization that provides compassionate care for injured, orphaned, and contaminated wildlife and educates the public on the importance of wildlife in our community.  We provide a high standard of care to a wide variety of native and migratory species. Approximately 80% of our patients are wild birds (waterfowl, birds of prey, songbirds) and 20% small mammals (squirrels, porcupines, fox).   


Working under the supervision of the Director of WILDCare, WILDCare Manager, or appropriately identified staff, interns will: 

  • Assist medical team with many aspects of animal care including: preparing species specific diets; set up and take down of captive care enclosures; assist with some medical treatments; assist with maintaining daily records
  • Complete general facility cleaning including laundry, sweeping/ mopping floors, washing dishes, disinfecting counters/ sinks  
  • Hand-feed orphaned mammals and birds (can be as frequent as every 15 minutes)
  • Complete daily feedings  
  • Clean and enhance enrichment of animal enclosures  
  • Provide specialized waterfowl care 
  • Assist with lab work (i.e. fecal analyses) as needed
  • Report maintenance and/ or safety hazards to the staff and correct hazards if possible  
  • Lift and carry items up to 40 lbs, including garbage and recycling  
  • Assist with organizational or construction projects, as needed  
  • Assist staff with rescues, supply pick-ups, patient transfers as needed 
  • Maintain high energy levels throughout a long workday  
  • Additional duties as requested

Interns are required to follow all policy, procedures and protocols at WILDNorth to ensure a high standard of animal care.  Interns will also interact and work with other facility volunteers, summer students and casual relief staff.   


All positions are voluntaryNO salary is offered.  Housing and transportation is not provided   


  • Minimum age of 18 
  • Experience or coursework in biological or environmental sciences, wildlife rehabilitation or management, veterinary medicine, animal welfare or husbandry
  • Current tetanus vaccination, good physical health, and stamina
  • Two (or more) Covid-19 vaccinations
  • Rabies vaccination an asset
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills 
  • Ability to work independently and as a team member 
  • Ability to be motivated, flexible, and patient in a highly demanding work environment 
  • Criminal record check 
  • Must provide references 

Benefits & Skill Development for the Intern: 

  • Species identification, habitat enrichment, release site research, and proper husbandry techniques 
  • Animal handling, tube feeding, dosage calculations, administering medication, performing lab work 
  • Further your career or educational goals 
  • Orientation and training provided 
  • Learning job skills and team work 
  • Mentorship and friendships with like-minded people 
  • Certificate of completion of internship provided  

Application Process: 

1. Fill in this Application Form 

2. Submit application


All correspondence must be via email.

DO NOT CALL OUR HELPLINE (unless you’ve found injured or orphaned wildlife). This is for wildlife calls only. Please direct any questions to our Volunteer Manager at volunteer@wildnorth.ca

WILDNorth’s staff thanks you for your interest in our volunteer internship program. All applicants will go through an application, screening, and interview process. Successful candidates will then attend an orientation, in class training, and onsite training.