Opportunity: Human Wildlife Coexistence Intern (Ecology focus)

Category: Internship

Deadline: March 29, 2019

Position:  Human-Wildlife Coexistence Intern 2 

Time Period: Spring & Summer         Number of Positions Available: Up to 5 

Hours: 20 hours per week    Commitment: Up to 4 months    Start date: May 1 

Build your resume • Gain valuable experience • Help create a more informed Alberta! 

WILDNorth is seeking enthusiastic people who love wildlife, the outdoors, have a strong desire to learn, and work well independently, to assist us in achieving our mission of humane coexistence with wildlife. 

WILDNorth is looking for interns to work on projects aimed to reduce negative human wildlife interactions through effective public messaging. In 2019, we are focusing on the unintentional impacts of litter on wildlife. 


  • Under the guidance of the WILDEd Manager, design the overall methodology and implement a project about the impacts of litter on wildlife and how to best communicate information to the general public, businesses, and organizations 
  • Public education (mainly to youth in-class and through camps) about the impact of litter, and the findings of your project 

Personal Qualities: Dedicated individual who is committed towards helping a great cause, takes initiative, and works well independently.  

Qualifications and Requirements:
1) Police Information Check including Vulnerable Persons prior to start date
2) Experience in communications, public relations, or education 

1) First Aid
2) Experience with children
3) Experience with marketing and advertising
4) Knowledgeable in science and nature topics
5) Access to a vehicle

**Training Provided** 

Reports to: WILDEd Manager and others as needed 

Benefits of Interning:
1) Gaining practical experience in the field of Public Relations/Communications
2) Gaining practical experience designing and implementing a study
3) Raising awareness and providing public education
4) Resume Building
5) Certificate of Internship upon completion
6) Personal satisfaction

Age Requirement: Must be 18 years of age or older *Some preference may be given to those who are 21 years or older. 

Application Process 

1. FILL in this application form


3. Gather all your curriculum vitae (resume)

4. Respond to the confirmation email with your resume/CV and references.

5. All correspondence MUST be via email.

6. NOTE: You will only be contacted IF you were selected for an interview no later than May 1. Please understand that we are terribly busy. Be patient.

7. DO NOT CALL OUR HOTLINE. This is for wildlife calls ONLY. The internship program coordinator works at another office.


WILDNorth’s staff thanks you for your interest in our volunteer internship program. All successful applicants will go through an application, screening, and interview process followed by orientation, in class training and onsite training.