Opportunity: Board Member

Category: Volunteer


WILDNorth is currently seeking new Board members to complement the organization and provide leadership and experience.


Edmonton-based, WILDNorth is Alberta’s largest wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organization, and has been in existence since 1989. Our mission is: “To deliver services to people of Northern Alberta with wildlife-related concerns, by providing compassionate care to injured and orphaned wildlife, and by educating our communities about humanely coexisting with wildlife.” Last year we treated 3100+ animals, performed 800+ rescues, and fielded more than 13,000 calls from the Edmonton area and northern Alberta communities. We have more than 200 volunteers and reach out to 9000 students per year in the greater Edmonton area with our educational outreach programs.

We are seeking new Board Members with accounting experience and administrative skills, but would also be interested in those possessing business management, fundraising, communications, and marketing experience.

Board members would be required to commit to a 2 year term, with approximately 12 evening meetings in a year, held once a month. These meetings are held at our Edmonton facility and via video conferencing. Our AGM is held in the second quarter at another location. A criminal check is required and several sub committees that board members can contribute to if they wish are: financial, fundraising, recruitment, document revisions, etc.

Please visit our website www.wildnorth.ca for more information, and send inquiries or your resume and cover letter to:

Elizabeth Disman – President, WILDNorth