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WILDNorth Baby Shower!

Help us welcome this year’s first round of babies!
Here at WILDNorth, spring marks the arrival of baby season. Baby wild animals become separated from their parents for a number of reasons. A gosling may become stuck in a window well while following after mom, ducklings fall down sewer drains, nests are removed from trees, or babies are often caught and injured by outdoor cats.
For a multitude of reasons, we care for hundreds of baby animals every summer. This is the busiest time of year for us – we receive 80% of our annual intakes between April – September alone.  Naturally, this is extremely taxing on our resources, and we depend on the support from members of our community to continue to provide the care that these animals need.
So we are asking you to join us for a WILDNorth Baby Shower! Right now we are welcoming the first round of this summer’s babies. Our early arrivals consist of baby Red Squirrels, Hares, and Goslings. These cuties need your support! Help us care for these orphans and return them to their rightful place in the wild by donating today! Every little bit helps.

*donations of over $20 will receive charitable tax receipts