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Sponsor a Waterfowl Patient ($50)

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Sex: Male

Sponsor a Waterfowl Patient ($50)

Our waterfowl patients are certainly a demand on our resources! They require a great deal of water, including running water. When we receive waterfowl during the fall, they often can’t be returned to the wild in time to migrate and skirt the cold weather. In such cases, we will care for these patients until we can arrange a ride to warmer weather/open water, or wait until spring!


We currently have a beautiful male Mallard in care that was admitted at the beginning of December.  Upon admittance, the duck was found to have frost bite on the webbing of its feet. It was also missing some of its primary weathers, which means that it wouldn’t be able to make the required migration for winter. We have treated its frostbite wounds and will continue to care for it until its primary feathers have regrown and it regains flight!