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Sponsor a Waterfowl Patient ($75)

Sponsor a Waterfowl Patient ($75)

Our waterfowl patients are certainly a demand on our resources! They require a great deal of water, including running water. When we receive waterfowl during the fall, they often can’t be returned to the wild in time to migrate and skirt the cold weather. In such cases, we will care for these patients until we can arrange a ride to warmer weather/open water, or wait until spring!


Currently In Care 

Species: Mallard and Cackling Goose  

This unlikely duo currently has the biggest suite in the rehab house! Both came in for different reasons, at different times, but have managed to set aside their differences as they wait out the winter at our wildlife hospital.

The Cackling Goose (a smaller subspecies of the Canada Goose) was admitted on November 12 of 2020. Sadly, the goose came in because it had been shot! There was a pellet lodged in its neck, one in its abdomen, and another in the ulna of its right wing, which resulted in a fracture. The goose will remain in our care until it has fully healed and regained its flight capability.
The male mallard was admitted on Halloween (spooky!). It had two substantial wounds that have since healed up nicely. It still wasn’t flying well enough to migrate, so the duck has spent the winter at WILDNorth until it’s strong enough to return to life in the wild.