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Sponsor A Muskrat ($30)

We currently have 5 muskrats in care! These muskrats will be staying with us until spring arrives will warmer, ice-melting weather. Throughout the winter months, Muskrats will venture out on warmer days. Sometimes, this can result in them being frozen out of their winter homes. Or, they can end up stuck somewhere else. From there, they end up in our care!

We house and feed these Muskrats until spring brings milder weather. Each one of these five muskrats has a unique personality! Some are shy and elusive, while others are quite bold!

They have a large, varied diet and are fed quite well while in care with us! They get a little bit of everything including smelts, sweet potato, apple, egg, and bok choy!
They each have their own quarters, which includes a personal swimming pool.

While we enjoy witnessing their different personalities over the winter, these Muskrats sure rack up the bills! Between their water usage, voracious appetites, and tendency to rip and shred things, they’re quite the handful. Handful of money that is…

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