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Allow us to introduce a recent patient of ours. In early September, one of our volunteer transport drivers made a trip to Wetaskiwin where a young beaver had been discovered alone. The finders had found it dragging its legs on the side of the road. They figured it may have been hit by a vehicle; however, upon intake, there wasn’t any evidence of impact.

With being so young, the beaver should still have been with the family unit. Though we can only guess, we think that something might have happened to the beaver’s familial lodge. Fortunately, with proper nutrition and care, the beaver’s condition improved and it regained mobility in its legs.

Young beavers stay with their families for about two years. Therefore, Sawyer (one who “saws”) will have to remain in our care for a significant amount of time.

You will become quite familiar with its cute little face as we continue to share this beaver’s rehabilitation process while it continues to grow and develop!

Caring for this beaver will require a great deal of resources. It will need a specially designed indoor enclosure to accommodate its active, aquatic lifestyle for the winter. The enclosure will have to grow as the beaver does! The beaver will also require constant running water, and a variety of dietary needs including specialized pellets, natural browse, and some vegetables. Staff provide Sawyer with a variety of enrichment — he can begin to build his own structures (beavers are ecosystem engineers!) with the logs we provide, he gets to go swimming, and you may even see him spend some time with the toy beaver we’ve provided for him or checking himself out in the mirror!

Recording Sawyer’s activities will be an important tool for WILDNorth’s animal care staff as we monitor his progress without over-socializing him to humans. We have therefore set up a live stream of his enclosure! This is also an exciting opportunity for you to observe as this young beaver continues to grow and develop. Join us as we follow Sawyer’s journey!

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