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Sex: Male

For just $50 you can sponsor a songbird, we have lots to choose from! 

WILDNorth currently has a wide array of songbirds in our care such as: Robins, sparrows, finches, blue jays, flickers, vireos, chikadees, magpies, crows, ravens, swallows, waxwings, and woodpeckers. These kinds of birds typically come in due to habitat destruction, injury, contamination or they have been orphaned. We care for them from hatchlings all the way to mature juveniles, providing food, shelter, and the necessary socialization and foraging skills to be successful in the wild. Scroll down to sponsor one of our featured songbird patients. Sponsoring an animal can make a great gift as you receive a certificate which you can address to anyone (including yourself)!

Sponsor one of the many beautiful blue jays we have!

Sponsor a northern flicker, this one came to us from Lloydminister. 

One of our stunning waxwings, commonly brought to us due to flying into windows. To help prevent bird injuries, place decals on your windows! 

Ravens, magpies and crows are very common birds in our care. Often misunderstood, members of the corvidae family are very intelligent. 

Help one of our high energy house wrens who require frequent feedings, more than most of the other birds we receive. 

Enjoy the robins song? We have lots of American Robins to support!