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Sponsor A Raptor ($150) Includes Release Invitation!

Sponsor a Raptor ($150)

Here at WILDNorth, we care for raptors from as small as the Northern Saw Whet Owl to as big as the Eagle. They come into care for a number of reasons including such things as: window strikes, vehicular strikes, lead poisoning, starvation/emaciation. Raptors are pricey patients for us to care for, as they are carnivorous and require an all-meat diet. If you choose to sponsor a raptor, you will also get the exciting opportunity to experience the release of one of our raptor patients! You are welcome to bring one guest to join you (children count as a guest). Or, if this donation is made on behalf of someone else, they will be able to bring a guest to join them. We will email you an electronic sponsorship certificate (this is not personalized), as well as more information regarding the release!

About the release events:
– these releases include falcons, hawks, owls, and eagles (depending on what patients are currently in care, and which are ready to return to life in the wild).
– there will be other donors in attendance with you.
– if you are unable to attend the release that you are invited to, you will receive further invitations (up to a maximum of four invitations).
– in addition to a local patient having to be ready for release, there is a waiting list to attend these events; please don’t expect to receive an invitation right away – sometimes it can take up to a few months to receive your invitation. Most of our releases take place in the spring and fall.

Please send any inquiries to [email protected]

Thank you for your support!