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Sex: Male

Two Great Horned Owls ($200)
These two owls are currently roommates! One is our resident owl, Cecil, who came to us under unusual circumstances and, due to being too habituated to humans, was unable to be released in the wild. The other owl first came to us because it was emaciated and its feathers were contaminated with oil. This young owl is not yet fully capable of hunting for itself, so we are teaching it the survival and hunting skills needed for the wild. Winter is a difficult time for raptors to hunt successfully, 70% of young raptors don’t survive their first winter! Lots of resources and time are used to prepare the owls properly.

Four Merlins ($150)

Merlins are part of the falcon family and are typically smaller than other members in this group. We currently have 4 in our care, all of which came to us due to injury. Their road to recovery will involve medical care on top of the standard food and shelter provided. The merlin pictured has a wing wrap from a fracture, this prevents the use of the wing and helps it heal correctly. They are beautiful, small, and fierce birds and with your help we can set them soaring and patrolling the skies again! Click below to donate.