WILDNorth 30th Anniversary Challenge

April 25, 2019 | Uncategorized

2019 marks WILDNorth’s 30 anniversary of providing compassionate care for the injured, orphaned, and contaminated wildlife of northern Alberta. We are very excited to have reached this milestone, and are even more excited to celebrate it with you, WILDNorth’s dedicated suporters. We receive funding from many different sources, however, private donations from individuals like you make up a substantial portion of our annual operating funds, and are essential to continuing our operations. It is because of donors and supporters like you that WILDNorth has been able to continue to do the important work that we do.

To commemorate our 30th anniversary, we have three, 30 themed goals for 2019:

– Gain 30 new monthly donors

– Gain 30 new WILD100 members

– See 30 third party fundraisers held in support of WILDNorth

30 New Monthly donors

If you’re not already, we encourage you to become a monthly donor! Whether it is $5 or $500, a monthly donation makes a big difference. This is a reliable source of funding with an impact that only grows over time. You can become a monthly donor, here.

30 New WILD100 Members

The WILD100 is WILDNorth’s corporate partner team. It is a group of dedicated individuals/companies who are passionate about helping Alberta’s wildlife and who contribute $500 annually to WILDNorth. Our overall goal is to reach a team of 100, and hopefully generate 30 new members in 2019! To find out more, and to join, click here.

30 Third Party Fundraisers

If you’d like to host a Third Party Fundraiser – please e-mail [email protected]
A third party fundraiser is an event held by a group/organization/individual whose proceeds are donated to another organization. These events can be as simple as hosting a paint night, or collecting donation money rather than gifts on your birthday. Or, it can be as elaborate as Roni’s Ride, a three hour ride on horseback to the North Saskatchewan River, put on by Jackson Homesteaders. Third Party Fundraisers can include an assortment of other activities and events, too. For example, Currie Brothers Entertainment held a pub night at On The Rocks in 2017, and more recently, in 2018, they donated all the proceeds from one of the episodes of their live music/comedy talk show, “Up Late with Dana Andersen”.