WILDKids Club

Give your children the opportunity to become involved in their community,
to develop leadership skills, and to define themselves as WILDKids!

WILD Kids Club

WILD Kids Club welcomes students in grades 4-6 to delve deeper into the world of wildlife! WILD Kids Club offers unique programming that furthers an appreciation and knowledge of wildlife, while fostering leadership skills and empowering the kids to be responsible stewards of the environment. Participants will get inside access to the world of wildlife rehabilitation and have wildlife encounters (with education animals, wildlife spotting on nature walks, etc.)! The programming also focuses on getting out and enjoying nature no matter the season, with outdoor pursuits and activities once per month. Activities are designed to benefit both the academic and social development of children, and engage kids and families about the importance of wildlife in the community.

Fall Session – DROP IN
*$20 per night, family must have valid 2017/2018 membership from an Edmonton Community League. If you do not have a community league, child/family can get a membership from the Ridgewood Community League
Thursday evenings from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
October 12, 2017 – December 21, 2017
Ridgewood Community League Hall – 3705 Mill Woods Road East NW

**To confirm your spot in the WILDKids Club Drop-in, you must register by 4:00 pm the Wednesday prior (i.e. if your child is interested in attending the session on November 23rd, you will need to register by 4:00 pm on November 22nd).

**Confirmation of registration (and any relevant information for that Thursday’s activities) will be sent to you by 5:00 pm that Wednesday.

**We will need a minimum of 3 registrants to run the program. If we do not reach that minimum, we will have to cancel that session and you will receive a full refund. 

Register here — After payment, download this Registration Package to hand in on your child’s first day of the club along with proof of a valid 2017/2018 membership from an Edmonton Community League.

For inquiries, please e-mail education@wildnorth.ca