Wish List Donation

Take a look our updated list of donation items that we need on a regular basis, and what they are used for.

This month’s highlighted items:

  • Bird catching nets

    Animal Care, Highlighted

    10 small and 3 large, sturdy handle (can be purchased at Wild Bird stores)

  • Weigh Scales

    Highlighted, Miscellaneous

    5 x Kitchen kind – regular AA battery type preferred


  • Timothy Hay

  • Night Smelts

  • Large lake fish

  • Suet and peanuts

  • Fresh or freshly frozen lean ground beef

  • Good quality cat or dog kibble

  • Grain-free cat kibble

    To make baby bird formula

  • Dark frozen mice

    Any size

  • Kale

  • Corn on the cob


  • Batteries

    AA, AAA

  • Postage Stamps

  • Wall mounted baskets for storage

    8″ wide x 20

  • Wall mounted file holder / rack

    x 5


  • Kleenex/toilet paper

  • Recycle bags

  • Paper towels

  • Laundry detergent

    unscented, no additives

Animal Care

  • Heat pads

    Electrical or microwaveable heating disks – for songbirds and baby mammals

  • Heat lamps

    Red bulbs and fixtures – to keep ducklings warm!

  • Astro Turf

    Artificial lawn – short pile & longer pile – for ducklings to sleep on

  • Plant pot saucers

    Or other wide shallow dishes – for food or water baths for birds – medium and large – 1 inch to 2 inches deep

  • Puppy pee pads

    To line baby bird cages and reduce our tremendous laundry pile

  • Wide large bowls

    Rubber or hard plastic – 2-4 inches deep– for water bowls for ravens and hawks/owls to bathe in

  • Cat litter trays

    2 inches deep, for the ducklings food/water bowls and pool

  • Thermos

    Extra large – to hold our warm milk formula for deer fawns

  • Plastic/rubber bath mats or similar

    A soft washable surface for ducklings

  • Laundry Baskets

    Medium size (~2.5 ft tall, 1ft diameter). Plastic or wicker, not fabric.


  • Tiny whisks

  • Very large Recycling bins


  • Topsoil

  • Sod

    Small squares

  • Brooms

    x 4

  • Shrubs, trees, berry shrubs, native flowering perennials

  • Canadian Tire money

  • Powerful jet spray nozzle for garden hose

  • Weigh Scales

    5 x Kitchen kind – regular AA battery type preferred

Veterinary Supplies

  • 5-0 monocryl

  • 3-0 vicryl

  • 2-0 vicryl cutting needle

  • Breath Fresh canister

  • Lactated Ringers solution

    500 or 1000 ml

  • Small towel clamps

  • Small bone clamps

    For avian surgery

  • Small, dainty suture scissors

  • Surgi-lock glue

  • Telfa pads